7 seo tasks to do in lockdown

7 SEO tasks during lockdown to improve your website/business

This guide is pretty simple compared to some of the others I post, but possibly more helpful. Plus it gives you a few things to think about improving for your business during lockdown. The idea is for your money sites or business to be as prepared as possible, so you


how many page views to make $1000 per month

How much traffic do I need to make $1000 per month

I get asked this question quite a bit, so I thought I would make a simple guide to give you an idea of what sort of traffic you need from various methods to make $1000 per month from IM. Obviously this is subjective and other factors can increase or reduce
How to write killer content that ranks

How to Write Killer Content that Actually Ranks

One of the most common questions we get asked by clients is, ‘how long should my blog article be to rank?’ Maybe you have asked this yourself at some point, or perhaps tried to help a customer or friend understand what is required to write an article that Google likes,